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Drag Drop Volume Profile

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Drag and Drop Volume Indicator is a technical trading tool for MT4 that shows the volume profile on the market. It gives traders a visual representation of the volume of trades in a particular zone during a trading session.

The volume profile of the Forex market helps traders project possible market direction and identify zones that could be reversing trends. This is based on the idea that prices tend to return to areas of high traded volume and then reverse direction or break out. Price breakouts in zones with high traded volumes may indicate trend continuation, as the zones tend to act as resistance or support.

Drag Drop Volume Profile

The Indicator: Features

Drag-and-drop volume profile indicator:

  • Volume at Price Levels: This indicator shows the volume traded with horizontal bars at different price levels. The bar’s length reflects the volume traded in the region.
  • Value Zone: This displays the zones in which a certain percentage (normally between 70.80% and 80%) of trade volume was conducted.
  • Points of Control: This shows the level where the most trade volume was recorded within a trading session.

The indicator is a powerful tool that can be used to measure the effectiveness of your business.

  • Identification Key Price Levels The indicator highlights areas where there is high trading activity, which tends to act as resistance and support levels.
  • Breakout Confirmation: The trend of the price is to move in a direction that is accompanied by high volume. The indicator can be used by traders to confirm the strength of a breakout.
  • Intraday Market Analysis: This indicator is useful for intraday market analysis.