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    AUDNZD Otaku EA is a free-to-download automated scalping forex robot, specifically designed for trading on the AUDNZD currency pair. This versatile adviser employs both scalping and intraday trading strategies, with trades opened and closed independently.

    Key Features

    Trading Approach

    • Utilizes safe trading methods, avoiding dangerous techniques such as:
      • Martingale
      • Hedging
      • Network trading
    • All transactions are safeguarded by Stop Loss
    • Trading frequency: Approximately 5 to 10 trades per week
    • May experience periods without trading
    • Limits open trades to a maximum of 2 in the same direction

    Versions and Profitability

    • Available in two versions: V100 and V300
    • Optimal profitability achieved by running both versions simultaneously


    Testing and Familiarization

    Before using this EA in a real account, it is crucial to:

    1. Test in a demo account for at least one week
    2. Thoroughly understand the AUDNZD Otaku Robot’s functionality

    Account Requirements

    • Minimum account balance: $20 for 0.01 lot

    Optimal Settings

    • Currency Pair: AUDNZD (though it can work on any pair)
    • TimeFrame: M5 (adaptable to other time frames)
    • For best results, run both versions side by side

    By adhering to these guidelines and thoroughly understanding the AUDNZD Otaku EA’s mechanics, traders can potentially optimize their forex trading experience with this free automated tool. The EA’s conservative approach to risk management, combined with its specialized focus on the AUDNZD pair, offers an intriguing option for those looking to explore automated forex trading strategies.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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