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    ORACLE EA is a fully automated forex robot available for free download, developed by professional traders Justin Ortiz and Chris Ramirez. It aims to provide a true passive income solution in the EA industry.

    Key Features

    Strategy and Customization

    • Basic Strategy: Counter-trend market orders (adjustable to trend-following)
    • Open Settings: All settings are customizable, allowing traders to optimize the robot to their preferences

    Performance and Risk

    • High ROI: Utilizes martingale method and sometimes hedging
    • Profit Potential: Depends on lot size and risk value
    • Risk Warning: Long-term use may lead to account depletion

    Recommended Approach

    • Profit Strategy: Aim for quick profits and withdrawals
    • Risk Management: Withdraw initial investment to mitigate martingale risks
    • Withdrawal Rule: Withdraw deposit after doubling the initial amount

    Testing and Familiarization

    Before using ORACLE EA in a live account:

    1. Test in a demo account for at least one week
    2. Thoroughly understand the ORACLE Robot’s functionality


    Account Requirements

    • Minimum Balance: $100 in a cent account (Developer suggests possibility of $500 or $100 standard accounts)

    Optimal Settings

    • Currency Pairs: Best on EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, US30, XAUUSD (adaptable to any pair)
    • TimeFrames: Optimal on M5 and H1 (works on all timeframes)

    Risk Management

    • Fast Profit, Fast Withdrawal: Key strategy for success
    • Double and Withdraw: Withdraw the deposit after doubling
    • Market Volatility: Monitor for news events and close trades if necessary


    While ORACLE EA offers high profit potential, it’s crucial to understand its risks:

    • Utilizes martingale and hedging strategies
    • Long-term use without proper management may lead to account loss
    • Requires vigilant monitoring and adherence to withdrawal strategies

    By following these guidelines and understanding the inherent risks and potential rewards, traders can explore ORACLE EA’s capabilities in the forex market. The emphasis on quick profits and strategic withdrawals highlights the importance of active management despite its automated nature. As with any high-risk trading strategy, caution and thorough understanding are paramount.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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